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F-14As choose to engage JASDF J-15Js with AIM-54s instead of dogfighting

Four F-15Js from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s 304 Squadron were in a dissimilar air combat training with U.S. Navy F-14As many years ago and the lost the fight as the Tomcats choose to employ its AIM-54 instead of entering into dogfights with the Japanese pilots, a former F-15J pilot recalls. Service Depicted: NavyCommand Shown: […]

CVW-11 starts FCLP at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

Carrier Air Wing 11 has started its Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam from May 22. Photos from the U.S. Navy show aircraft launching from USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) that day. A press release from Joint Region Marianas says the training will be carried out day and night. For […]

Japan has installed Auto-GCAS on its F-35A fleet

Japan has installed the automatic ground collision avoidance system (Auto GCAS) on its F-35A following a fatal crash last year. Photos: JASDF All 17 aircraft at Misawa Air Base had the system installed since the end of last year. Four more F-35As are expected to arrive at the base later, these will come equipped with […]
Undisclosed air force orders Litening 5 and RecceLite

Undisclosed air force orders Litening 5 and RecceLite

Rafael says it has secured a contract to sell its Litening 5 and RecceLite pods to an undisclosed air force. Guy Oren, VP, Head of Rafael’s Electro-optical systems directorate: “We are proud of this contract and we look forward to cooperating with our customer to provide them with a significant force-multiplier for cutting-edge mission performance. […]